The Mission of Atkins House is to provide opportunities for the woman offender to develop her potential for a responsible, productive and law-abiding lifestyle.


Atkins House will serve as an advocate for resources and support for women offenders in jails, prisons, community corrections facilities and ex-offenders in the community.


  • We believe in the inherent value and uniqueness of each woman we serve. Respect for the individual shall be at the core of everything we do, every decision we make.
  • We believe leadership in our field positions us to be a positive force for change. We shall be uncompromising in our commitment to deliver programs and services worthy of recognition for superior quality, innovation and notable outcomes.
  • We believe positive outcomes for the women we serve are driven by dedication and commitment to mission and the expertise and experience of our staff. We will support their efforts accordingly.
  • We believe a strong financial model is essential to our future.


The Atkins House service delivery system must be client centered.

  • Services will reflect the needs and goals of the individual.
  • Services will be provided without regard to race, creed or sexual orientation.
  • Services will be provided in a confidential, non-judgmental and compassionate manner.

The Atkins House service delivery system must be comprehensive, coordinated and cost effective.

  • Services provided will reflect a continuum of care including counseling, case management and supportive needs.
  • Services will assist clients in ways that help them enhance their lives.

The Atkins House service delivery system must ensure quality care.

  • Atkins House Board of Directors and Staff will commit to the mission and vision of the organization.
  • Services will reflect the current recommended treatment and relapse prevention techniques for all programs.





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