At Atkins House, we provide a Residential Program as both an alternative to prison or a transition from prison to community. In addition, our Treatment Programs provide various counseling and programs designed to assist residents, women ex-offenders in the community and women incarcerated in York County Prison.

Atkins House Residential Program

A supportive and structured living environment which serves as an alternative to prison as well as a transition from prison to the community. Women work in the community, contribute a minimum of 10 hours of community service and develop a healthy, law-abiding lifestyle during their stay at Atkins House.

HIV/AIDS Education/Prevention Program & Testing

Atkins House has begun HIV/AIDS testing. The testing is open to anyone. Call Jodi Schmidt for more information at 848-5454.

Atkins House HIV/AIDS Education/Prevention program has been operating since 2001 and includes education groups at Atkins House and at York County Prison and individual risk assessments and risk reduction counseling at both locations.

Hepatitus C



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Atkins House 2011 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report